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Our Solutions

We focus on the compliant security market in Sri Lanka with the focus on appropriate technology integrations to value add our solutions

Loss Prevention

The proactive adoption and application of appropriate security methodologies and processes to avoid, deter and lost prevention of organizational assets across the entire value chain.

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Facility Protection

The installation of resources, procedures and technology systems to deter unauthorized entry/exits of persons, vehicles, equipment, machinery, materials and goods into and out of designated premises.

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Innovative Technology

Transnational Security accommodate a variety of Innovative Technology solutions that enhance the quality and productivity of human performance and assures the integrity of data collection on the job.

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We are in the business of Security Protective Management, and Loss Prevention Solutions incorporating appropriate Technology.

About Us

Transnational Security Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd “TSSL” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transnational Group of Companies Singapore which has been invested in Sri Lanka since 1985.

TSSL’s core value proposition is to deliver high quality, innovative value-added loss prevention and facilities protection security management solutions to customers with professionalism and integrity coupled with appropriate technology.

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Years of experience
Protection Officers
All Island Branch Network
100% Compliant Security

Why Us

We are a Fully Compliant Security Management Solutions Provider that your organization can partner with, and our expertise, experience and professional service commitment will be readily available to provide exceptional solutions in terms of security. Our pool of security solutions consists of value-bringing, proactive, technology enabled entities to facilitate 100% compliant security.

Loss Prevention specialists who will audit and recommend best practices to prevent operational lapses that may result in loss of value to your company

Well-trained Facility Protection specialists to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and recommend appropriate security protection measures for the facility

Facility Protection Officers (Security Guards) who are well trained and equipped to protect your facility, ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situations

Technology specialists to consult with you to design and install value-based systems to minimize the losses and enhance the protection of your facility

Competent and experienced team of local management, who will anticipate, respond and adapt to your security needs on a proactive basis

Regular security audits and provide reports to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your security program with us

Our Clients

Diplomatic Clients

Our Network

In addition to our own full time trained and professional personnel, we have also formed resource pools of trained and experienced internal audit and forensic accounting professionals, retired senior police and retired military officers island-wide who may be assigned to undertake risks reviews and make recommendations for improvements to organizational internal controls and facility protection processes including pre- and post- investigations of employees, vendors, agents, contractors and others.

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